Many South Bend neighborhoods are more than 100 years old. In recent years South Bend has done a great job of developing the downtown and nearby areas. Now we need to develop a priority system for long term capital improvements in the rest of the city. On the Common Council Anne will work to:

  • Continue, expand, and better publicize the 50/50 sidewalk replacement program where homeowners pay for half the cost of new sidewalks while the city covers the rest. 
  • Provide funding for bolstering the riverbanks that are collapsing into the river. The river is a crucial community asset and needs to be protected.
  • Develop parks in small neighborhoods, like the small park that Anne helped create at Cottage Grove and Lincoln Way West. The children in that neighborhood love the swings and the bike paths and the open space gives the whole neighborhood a fresh new look.
  • Encourage the development of businesses of all sizes that can provide employment and offer services and goods that meet local needs